A.R. PENCK. New Paintings

10 November - 2 December 2012


A.R. Penck
Entscheidender Augenblick, 2011
Acryl auf Leinwand
160 x 200 cm

As from 10 November, the Michael Werner Kunsthandel is presenting an exhibition called „A. R. Penck. New Pictures“. Following in the wake of the  A. R. Penck retrospective at the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt (2007), our own show „Neue Systembilder“  („New System Pictures“) in 2009, and an exhibition of felt work and drawings at the Museum Ludwig (2011), we are now delighted to present for the first time works on canvas from the last three years.

Whereas  Pencks „System Pictures“ from around 2007 were painted mainly in black and white, colour seems to have gained importance in the last few years. His work continues to be characterized by typical imagery consisting of simplified human figures, in the main male, as well as animal and geometric  forms in a compositional relationship to one another. The pictures conjure up situations of human conflict, social processes and the power of the present moment which cannot be adequately described in rhetoric.  These images can never be reduced to single simplistic interpretation but rather convey a sense of the unresolvable ambiguity of life. Titles such as „Alter Streit in Zukunft“ („Past Conflicts in the Future“) from 2011 demonstrate how the fundamental thrust of his creative work and his unabated artistic exploration has remained constant and uncompromising over the years. He has always sought to present what he sees as generally valid as objectively as possible. His art can be seen as an instrument by which the conditions of reality can be approached from alternative perspectives. A few years ago Penck himself remarked that his work was becoming progressively more dynamic and abstract, influenced in part, at least, by free jazz and free rock. The current exhibition clearly shows how this can be seen not as a new departure but rather as a consistent development of his imagery.

An exhibition catalogue with a text by the artist is available.